Launching a crowdfunding campaign


Contact us

Leave us a message at hello@tokeportal.hu, briefly describing your business, the solution it provides and the amount of capital you seek.


Campaign preparations and validation

The professional team of Tokeportal.hu as well as its contracted partners help you preparing the Campaign Documentation and developing the communication strategy. Browse the campaigns and see if you can learn from them. You could also invest a modest amount in order to get to know the process better.

Following a personal or video pitch Tokeportal.hu assesses your company and your funding target (scoring). During a 3-6 weeks long process Tokeportal.hu validates your term sheet both from a legal and business perspective. During this period you can develop your online communication strategy and make your 2-3 minutes long video. As for the costs of the campaign preparations, you can calculate with 300-500 thousand forints.


Launching your campaign

In case your Campaign Documentation is approved, you can launch your campaign. We encourage you to constantly keep in touch with the crowd during your 46-60 days-long campaign through our online forum and to recruit investors.


After reaching your funding target

In case you accomplished your funding target, Tokeportal.hu deducts the success fee and provides support in the issuance of shares and their transferral to shareholders. Tokeportal.hu keeps track of your records, checks the realization of your Key Performance Indicators. The Lead Investor or the delegated expert will do the same in order to protect the interests of investors.


How to start a campaign